Made in bulgaria

We use the latest and most innovative fabrics to create products that guarantee comfort and safety even in the most extreme conditions.

What is a bandana

A bandana is a colorful fabric accessory used over the years to protect against wind, sun and adverse weather conditions. By wearing a bandana, you clearly state your individual style or demonstrate your cultural affiliation.

Combining sustainable production and innovative technologies in the fabrics used, we at BANDITTO create a new generation of bandanas that protect you and allow you to indulge in your favorite sport or adventures outside.

Banditto Infinity logo bandana

winter bandanas

Banditto Infinity Thermo is a multifunctional seamless bandana made from recycled fabric that keeps you warm in cold and windy weather conditions.


new generation bandanas

Combining sustainable production and innovative fabric technologies we have managed to create bandanas for outdoor adventures and sports that deliver the best experience for those who love to explore and have fun under the sun.

Responsible creation

We prioritize environmental protection in the production process. It is important for every business to treat the world around it responsibly and the footprint it will leave for generations.

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