Attention to every detail

It's important to us to create products that impress not only with design,

but also with the comfort they bring in a sometimes not-so-welcoming environment.

Where design and functionality meet

We use functional fabrics of the latest generation, which provide comfort even in extreme outdoors conditions.
Prioritizing environmental protection in our production process is one of the things we focus on most.

Inovation and responsibility

We create each of our designs with meticulous care to end up with a product that brings joy and inspiration.
Each bandana can be worn in many ways and come into use in countless situations and experiences.

Born in Bulgaria

Recognized all over the world for its mystical mountains and breathtaking coastline,

Bulgaria is synonymous with nature that touches you.

Loving our planet

We believe that it's important for every business to treat the world around it responsibly,

so we a better world for the generations that follow.