taking care of our home

Here at Banditto Headwear we are driven by the desire to deliver the best outdoor experience with your friends & family. We cherish nature and love spending time admiring and getting inspired by its beauty.
Sadly, man's ignorance or careless actions over the years are causing numerous damages to the environment. All that will definitely affect the future of our planet and the generations after us.
Being parents, we are trying to be an example for our kids in actively contributing to nature’s preservation. We believe that building a better future needs an action now.
Our company was born in Bulgaria, a small country in Europe, known for its magical mountains and beautiful sea coast. We love our home and will take care of it.
That's why on every Banditto sold, we donate 1 BGN to WIND2WIN. A domestic organisation that is fighting for #PLASTICFREE #BLACKSEA. Go check them out!
Wearing Banditto, you support our home, our sea, our planet!
And we thank you so much!