This seamless neck gaiter bandana is made of ultra light innovative material that delivers extreme comfort in cold weather conditions. 
Made from recycled plastic bottles it protects you and takes care of the environment at the same time.

innovative heating TECHNOLOGY

The fabric of BANDITTO Infinity Thermo has unique O-shaped hollow cross-section, containing isolated air that keeps body temperature and isolates cold air. It discharges moisture quickly and naturally by evaporation to the surface of the fabric the NIR rays to rise the temperature of the fabric while the system's integrated high-quality insulation traps air and minimises heat loss.

banditto infinity thermo winter bandana sports performance fabric

bandana FOR CHILLY WEATHER conditions

No matter the sport or activity, this seamless multifunctional performance bandana is the perfect accessory that promise you to enjoy outdoors in chilly weather conditions and have fun while being protected. Made from innovative fabric that has:

High quality insulation

UV protection

Moisture management

Antibacterial abilities

Quick dry functionality

Bad odour resistance

amazingly packed

in a reusable metal packaging that can serve you for years in your adventurous life.
Also this outstanding finished product is a great GIFT IDEA for anyone who loves the action of outdoor living.